Discover "Craftsmanship Mastery"

"We don't assemble low-quality imported products from the Far East,
but since 1964, we've been manufacturing and hand decorating everything ourselves."
Our chess sets are a recognizable WEGIEL brand, with quality confirmed in global markets.



We are no the market since 1964, 

"Węgiel Chess" Company was established in 1964. It all began when our founder decided to step away from state employment and embark on his entrepreneurial journey. Initially, our focus was on producing magnetic chess sets, with a team of just three employees. However, rapid company growth led to a workforce expansion to nine individuals by 1966.

In 1967, we showcased our chess sets for the first time at national trade fairs, garnering significant interest and our initial export orders. The turning point came in 1983 when we obtained a license for sales in the second payment area, enabling our participation in international trade fairs in Paris, Switzerland, Germany, and beyond. With each successive appearance, we attracted new foreign clients and secured additional orders.







The production facility and manufacturing.

Currently, our production facility employs over 130 individuals, and our product range has expanded to include various types of wooden games, including over fifty types of chess sets, checkers, and backgammon in various styles, colors, and sizes..

We are particularly distinguished by our high quality and professional approach to the production of chess sets, which have gained recognition even among chess masters like Garry Kasparov, who favored our tournament-style chess sets.





Our products,

are works of human hands.

"Węgiel Chess" is a story of passion and artisanal precision.
Our products stand out not only for their meticulous craftsmanship but also for the attention to detail and traditional approach to production.
Every element of our chess sets, checkers, and backgammon boards is handmade by our experienced craftsmen,
who pass on their skills from generation to generation.



We combine tradition and woodworking artistry with artistic design.


Our company is not just a game manufacturer; it's also a story of success and a passion for artisanal craftsmanship.
We invite you to explore our offerings and join the ranks of satisfied customers!